quinta-feira, 20 de maio de 2010

fantastic match, fantastic score! again!

Yesterday São Paulo did its home game against Cruzeiro for the Libertadores Cup. Although it was a very cold night in the city of SP, lots of people went to the stadium to support our team. Everything seemed to go right on that night. Right on the first minute of the game, Kleber (Cruzeiro's best striker) received a red card, which means that São Paulo played the whole game with one more player than Cruzeiro. However, it wasn't just that. We demonstrated a excellent soccer, it was amazing to watch. Our first goal was amusing! Junior Cesar dribbled two players and the same time, and passed the ball to Hernanes, who scored! After that, the game was practically all on our hands. Even though Cruzeiro still needed to score 3 goals to classify, SPFC was attacking all the time. Consequence: another goal! This time Dagoberto scored another beautiful goal! The crowd was almost going grazy on the stands of the stadium.. They were singing a lot! The game ended 2x0 to us, like the first game!
This was a revenge for São Paulo FC. Last year in the Libertadores Cup, Cruzeiro eliminated us with exacts SPFC 0 x 2 Cruzeiro, in morumbi. However, this time was different. In addition, we are playing much better than last year. In my opinion we really have changes to win this tournament. All players has been working very hard to face all challenges possible :) Unfortunately, the continuation of Libertadores is just after the world cup ! But we are going to play even harder to win the championship!


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